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What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?

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What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?


Marvel vs DC Comics is the kind of debate that everybody wants their superhero to win in their real lives. They both have created amazing characters and spectacular stories lines. So, What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?

DC Comics were the first among the comics in the 1930s. Comics were included into the mainstream media in 1934. Apparently, when the current DC Comics known as “National Allied Publications.”

Formerly known as “NAP”, expanded its horizons and shook hands with a huge incorporation known as “Detective Comics Inc”. This merger had its vitality but no one, at that time, could have possibly predicted the magnitude of this outcome.

Despite the merger, the founders of “NAP” and “Detective Comics Inc” took yet another bold step. They included the other interested parties with common interests. In the wake of this inclusion, both publishing companies affiliated the “All-American Publications”. This was a huge step because three major publishing companies started to work and emerged under a unified name “National Comics”. Creative heads of the company concluded to introduced new comic characters which we see even today.

“National Comics” worked until the year 1977 when one of the company which has launched a comic series by the name of “Detective Comics” inspired by the noir crime genre, officially changed its name for the second and final time from ‘National Comics’ to “DC” Comics.

At that time, there wasn’t any debate concerning Marvel vs DC Comics because there wasn’t any other comics but DC Comics.

Evolution of Marvel Comics

What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?

On the other hand, Marvel Comics emerged with an entirely different genre of comics. The major difference between the two comic creators and publishers. The major difference lied in the philosophy behind the characters.

Beginnings of Marvel Comics

Similar to the “DC Comics”, “Marvel” also started a comic series. This series was published by “Timely Publications” with the name of “Marvel”. The ingenuity in this comic series was more philosophical than structural. As from the beginning, publishers of “Marvel” introduced the human side of their comic characters for the first time. They called it the ‘human experience’ and, no doubt, it was manifested in a number of occasions.

A number of characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and even the incredible Hulk has its human limitations.

Although, their journey towards fame was not easy. It was a rather dramatic one as it juggled from one publisher to another to improve the sales. It shifted from “Timely Publications” to “Atlas Magazines” to increase its sales and popularity at the same time. This shift from one publisher to another did the trick and in 1960, consequently, its name has started to gain momentum and became “Marvel Comics” of today as we know it.

Philosophical difference between DC and Marvel Comics:

What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?

The story behind “DC Comics” characters and story line embroiled with the conflicted stories depicting the real face of society. With the inclusion of magical realism into the story.

The story line of DC Comics revolves around the recluse kind of crime stories with dark endings. They depicted in the most famous DC Comics sequel of Batman, ‘The Dark Knight’. The idea behind the creation of iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, and of course the infamous, ‘Joker’ was to show the real face of the society.

Nevertheless, the difference does exist. DC Comics presented the crime based stories, imagery of society with a tint of realism in it

Magical Realism: A comparative Analysis in Marvel vs DC Comics

Magical realism exists in the characters and the plot of both, Marvel and DC Comics. They both employed this technique to their comic characters.

The first and foremost difference is in the origins of their characters. They both have their own concept of power and control. For instance, DC Comics characters are born with their special abilities and superpowers. On the other hand, Marvel’s characters have to earn their abilities as they were born human.

DC Comics characters born with superpowers to fight off and protect the human race from extinction. In other words, Dc Comic characters are here on earth to help humanity; they are given special powers for this purpose, and they fulfil their mission like a good solider.

On the contrary, Marvel Comics deal with the villain who are far more powerful and dangerous than the DC Comics villain. The fight for the survival of humanity while managing their human problems as well. These characters, are not aliens, nor they come from another planet or parallel universe, but they are very much human with human flaws and weaknesses. But despite their weaknesses and shortcomings, they face and fight inhuman and forces beyond their control.

The motif behind this ideology was to show goodness in the human race, no matter how things got messy and bad; they will fight back. The focus in Marvel Comics are on the humans who remained resilient and developed powers at their own expanse or as a result of an accident, or mutation.Of course, Thor is an exemption; extraordinary measures in extraordinary times.

“It is difficult to draw a comparison or to measure the extent of magical realism in the content and the characters of DC and Marvel Comic creators and publishers”.

Difference in the storyline

Nevertheless, the difference does exist. “DC Comics”, even from the beginning, presented crime based stories. They based their content on imagery of the darker side of the society. The technique of magical realism plays an important role, here, at this level of story and character formation.

“DC Comic” characters born with special and supernatural capabilities to fight off the evils and psychopath villain to save the humanity

In “DC Comics” the creators glorify their super human crime fighting heroes who had detached themselves from the human connection earlier in their lives to fight evil and crimes in a deteriorating society.

The major difference between “DC” and “Marvel Comics” is the way the creators and the publishers gave their character a solid background and embedded them into the respective story. Although, Marvel characters came with a human background, they share previous life events and history. Unlike Marvel Comics, DC characters have a history but not the human one, they are here, they help, they save and that should be enough kind of background.

Marvel; a story believable reality

What is the difference between DC and Marvel Comics?

What made marvel the most likable comics is their effort to blend fiction, fantasy with the reality. By this trait, people can relate their lives to their superheroes and like them more.

So basically, Marvel characters share their lives with the million others living on this planet. They, in a way, give hope to the people struggling with their own demons and problems.

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