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The Significance of Canvas: It’s Size and Texture

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Although there are different ways and techniques to express art, but canvas holds a significant place when it comes to express art. Canvas is a piece of cloth. But traditionally, it was the cloth that were used in sails of ships. As time elapsed, the traditional sails were replaced by a number of different types of cloth which varies in their texture, utility, and manufacturing and size.

What are the types of canvases

The quality of canvas can be determined by the weight of the cloth and the way it is manufactured. When it comes to manufacturing, there are also a number of techniques available. However, the hand made, and industrial machine made are the two important techniques to canvas manufacturing.

Canvas made by the artists

Of course, there are the artists who don’t buy canvas from the market. They prefer to make, stretch and prime their own homemade canvas.

Significance of canvas size

Using Imaginations

In art, it all depends on the power of imagination of an artist. When it comes to picking up the size and texture for their ongoing art as a part of their creativity. However, many young artists and art students struggles with this basic question of what should be the perfect size of their canvas. And interestingly, it is one of the most commonly asked questions by the young artists and the art students. Especially, when they are painting a landscape or a portrait using a reference. But, quite mysteriously, the size they pick, becomes accurate and started to communicate with them. The reason is in their unconscious mind of an artist. Their mind continue to imagine their work of art on the perfect size of the canvas. That imagination derived them to choose the right size for their work of art.

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In most cases, the young artists and the art students think it and squander most of their energies in deciding the size of their canvas. But the best practice that can do is to decide which direction their work of art will flow; vertical or horizontal or a complete perfectly squared shaped canvas. Generally speaking, the young artists tend to use from 12×12 and 24×24 sized canvases. But with the passage of time, it becomes clearer that what shape and size they would prefer for their future work of arts.

Measurement of the subject

Most of the work is done by the imaginations and the idea of the shape you would require for painting. But, now comes an important part of selecting a canvas; measuring the subject. Most of the artists use “Fleming’s right-hand rule” to measure the exact size of their subjects. And get the idea of how much space their subject will require on the surface of their canvas.

They will see how much large or small shape they want to paint and with this idea, they use different sizes of canvas which serve their purpose. This measurement, for instance, let’s say we have 20 inches in measurement which in this we actually measured, and it’s upon the discretion of the artist that how small he or she wants that to be depicted on the fabric of his or her canvas. This choice will determine the surroundings and the background of the subject.

Likewise, it is the will and whims of an artist to focus on the background or entirely in the life-sized size of his or her subject

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