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Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples: How and Why You Need One In 2022?

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Creating a graphic design portfolio website in 2022 can be extremely competitive and yet extremely helpful (with examples), especially for graphic designers at any level of their carrier stage. Traditionally, a portfolio is a “a large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps”, presented by the artists or the graphic designers. But the pace of the world has changed every existing trend and hence, changed the traditional ways for the artists to present their portfolio. It can be submitted or presented digitally to the potential clients, attaching a link of the portfolio’s website.

graphic design portfolio website examples

“A portfolio is a place where you can display or showcase your artwork, your credentials for the recruiters, project managers, and potential clients.”

An Online Art Supplier

The importance of a portfolio website resonates with the quality of work that a graphic artist does. Creating a portfolio website is as important as the work of an artist, because, without one, he or she may not have anything to exhibit their awesome artwork.

What is the purpose of a Portfolio?

The purpose of the portfolio is to be seen. To become visible and stand out among the competition. This is the place, your place, where you display or showcase your artwork. One option is to create your own website from scratch and display your work there as you like. This is one way of doing things and the focus of this article. But there is also another method for those who don’t want to start and manage their own website. This method is less complicated and most importantly, free.

If you are a beginner and just started your graphic designing carrier, then this method is for you to give your graphic designing carrier a jump start. I mean, you can always create your own independent portfolio but until then, you can have the waters tested. This will not only increase your experience and expertise but enhance your and increase your reach by creating free accounts on some of the following portfolio websites. There are some well-known and well-established websites and spaces available on the internet that give you the liberty to create a portfolio and grow through them.

Remember that it is your portfolio that would take your work, your ideas, your creation to the people who are interested and looking rising talent like you are.

Your Portfolio is what you are

Creating and designing a portfolio is not just creating a website or an online space on the internet where you put your graphic designs, your creativity, your art, haphazardly and without any specific management, like a dumping place or a junkyard. Your portfolio is not a place where you stuff in everything and let it choke it under its own weight. It’s the only place that has the ability to convince the people for you, without saying a single word; let your art speak for thy self.

In other words, starting from the name to every bit of its design and every strategy of the content management, it is you, living in the space of the internet, where your website lives. Think of it like your own self, not some different entity or a lifeless website among billions of other websites. Reclaim your space, stand out.

You are your own Critic

You are the best critic of your own creation. Choose ruthlessly, take hard decisions and choose the best from the best of your work and then, finally, put that on display. This is how you want to start your journey as a successful graphic designer.

Speak your Design

In the world of graphic designing, the clients, the creative directors, the art enthusiasts you any myself, like to interact with the creators of the best designs, logos, and illustrations. So, let your art speak the language of your designs and represent your style, your technique, and the story behind the creation of every design and every piece of art you have produced. Let your art tell them how you see the world around you, how you perceive the realities of this world. Express it fearlessly and let the people show the world from your eyes and give them a chance to feel it with your art.

In addition to that, a well edited, well trimmed, and a short video or a sequel showing your process, can also be a good approach to access your audience.

Building Blocks of Graphic Design Portfolio Website with examples

Following is a step-by-step guide to get you going with a process of how you can start from scratch and build your own portfolio and open yourself to the world of opportunities.

1) Getting a Domain and Web Hosting

To create a portfolio website, you need to acquire a web domain from any domain provides. A simple google search will do the trick. However, if you live in Pakistan and want to get a domain, then it’s not going to get easier than this. If you want the best hosting experience, then I would recommend HostBreak, a one of the best services hosting websites since 2001. The best part of this hosting service is it’s literally, 24/7 customer’s support. And believe me, when you have a website, you need this kind of vigilant ready-to-help service whenever you require.

Graphic design portfolio website examples

Before moving further, let’s see what domain is and how important is to acquire a web hosting for your portfolio website. Consider the following line.

Above, ‘example’ is the domain name and ‘.com.’ is the extension to your domain. After you choose the domain name, or the name of your portfolio website, you are then required a hosting service that can host your website on the internet. No doubt, you can host your own website by yourself, but let’s just not go there; too messy to deal with while focusing on your art and design. And, seriously, there is no need to host your own site when hosting services like “HostBreak” are here.

2) Structure and Layout

When it comes to structure and layout of a graphic design portfolio website, I would suggest some examples like visiting an amazing website of maria marie. Here is a landing page, the reference purpose. Go to her website and study how she has created and designed her website. The structure and the layout of her portfolio is just remarkable. You will feel the importance when you visit her artistic website.

From Maria Marie

It is very important that you set up your website’s design in a clean and clear way. To do so, you need to design your website with the idea that is simple yet unique. And with your unique structure to showcase your designs to the visitors of your website.

From Alex Fisher Design

The other website you can use as a reference for building your own portfolio is Alex Fisher Design. In her portfolio, you will notice a unique technique which she employed and make her portfolio attractive. She let her visitors get the feel of her work.

3) Quality over Quantity

Having this said, it is very important that you always prefer quality to quantity. The content, the graphics, the images, the work of art you are going to upload to your website must be of the highest quality.

It is imperative that you use only those images that represent high quality with almost no value to distort. It is also a good practice for you to process your images properly. You can post-edit with some premium top-notch photo rendering tool and software programs like Adobe Photoshop to minimize their load time on your website, before you finally upload your content.

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4) Continuity & Coherence: The game changer (C&C Method)

Consider this portfolio of Roos Beeldt and study how she has created and embedded the pop art movement of 1990s in her portfolio theme.

Now, let’s suppose you have created your website and also selected some of your best work to be displayed on your website. Now what? It’s simple, all you have to choose a simple and easy looking continuous theme which runs along your website. It can be a single solid colour of your background. This technique is very effective when it comes to the user-experience, and in the of showing off your portfolio, it is significant that you give user experience importance.

Now, you probably you are thinking why user experience is important? You need to provide your viewers the best experience while they are there, looking to your art and designs. The more they feel good, the more they like to spend time with your work, it’s simple maths. So, continuity and coherence of the ideas brood user-friendliness and use friendliness gives your portfolio website a chance to stand out among the other competitors in the market.

5) Content and Roses

You don’t want old and dried roses in the vase placed on your table, maybe you like them, but the fresh ones look more natural and appreciated by the majority of the eyes. The same is the case with the content appears at your portfolio website. An obsolete and unattended data only reflects unprofessional and non-serious attitude. Whereas, constantly updated and fresh display of work looks more professional and reflects the seriousness of the person behind. This practice, only, can increase the chance of getting hired by some serious and renowned clients.

Pro-tip # 1: Always keep on updating your portfolio website with your best artwork.

An Online Art Supplier

6) Client Oriented Portfolio

There is always the best chance for the graphic designers with eye-catching portfolio to land a big and well-known client. This is only because portfolio not only represents art, but they represent the person behind the creation of his or her portfolio. Your portfolio will be the first work your client is going to see. Keep your potential client, your target audience, the big media employers and the headhunters in your mind while you create and design your portfolio.

Pro-tip # 2: Keep yourself up to date with the latest news and trends of the art, design, and fashion industry. You can join and search for the platform like LinkedIn, Quora, Blogs Bunny, and similar platforms to stay ahead of the game.

An Online Art Supplier

Portfolio Website Must have Pages:

Until now, we have established some bare basics of how to create a graphic design portfolio website. Once you complete designing the structure and the layout for your portfolio, then at this stage, you are required to add some important pages to your website. These are the steps taking you to create a brand out of your website.

1) Landing page:

A landing page is a web page which is going to increase your conversion rate. The sole purpose of this page is to increase the visitors. This page is a very practical and doable technique to use as an effective marketing tool. We at An Online Art Supplier call this a ‘First Impression Page’ because when a visitor clicks a link from a social media account, that link will land your visitor at that page, hence, called a ‘Landing Page’.

Pro-tip #3: Give Landing page a special consideration. If you are not sure how to make an impressive landing page, then you can watch the free YouTube Tutorials or you can hire some web-developer to do the job for you.

An Online Art Supplier

We use the term “landing page” to describe a campaign-specific page with just one single call to action and no website navigation


About us page

About us page often taken for granted, even for the big companies. People usually apply simple copy and paste approach/technique to fill-up the details as a necessary requirement. In my opinion, About us page is far more important and significant than just another ordinary page because this is the place where you can tell everyone about yourself, about your work, your art; A place where you introduce them with your own brand. Remember, if your Home page is the face of your portfolio, then, About us page is the language your portfolio will speak.

Well, consider About us page as the only page between you and your potential client who is visiting your portfolio and taking interest in your designs while considering hiring you for a project offered by his company. At this juncture, an ‘About us’ page tells him or her about you, about the ideas you stand for, your philosophy, your journey from one milestone to another and anything from the aims and objects of your company to the personal details and the story of your life. It gives your potential clients something personal to feel and believe me, that increases your chance to work on their next huge project, two-fold.

Pro-tip # 4 Always write your own About us page and give it a personal touch that expresses a bond between you and the work you are showing off, your art and your designs.

An Online Art Supplier

Contact us Page

Give your visitors an easy way to get in touch with you. Give them this comfy feeling that you are reachable if they want to contact you. This is another way to give your potential clients or the inspiring artists a sense of belongingness, which is equally important for your portfolio to breath and grow. Your Contact us page is like a breath for your Portfolio website. It will always keep your portfolio alive, which will make your work alive, and I know, artists live for their work.

Archives Page

This is an optional page, but if you decide to include this in your website, then it will just add the value to you, your work, and your website. Archive page means that you have been working since long time and take your work seriously. This could also add up in the value of your dedication, willingness, and your potential to complete the work.


Graphic design portfolio website in 2022 has acquired even more momentum because of the importance of ever-increasing digitalization of almost every media in the industry. The Art and Entertainment is no exception because art is something which is directly related to the exhibition and appreciated when displayed. In this technology oriented and fast-moving world, it is important, especially for the graphic artists, to invest on the website they own to improve their online presence.

In this article, I have sincerely tried to guide how to create graphic design portfolio website in 2022 while showing you some of the best, in my opinion, online portfolios as case studies for the young and aspiring graphic designers.

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