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Colour Therapy: A complete guide

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Colour therapy is one of the way through which you may be able to train your mind to cope with anxiety in the most critical and crucial instances. The Idea behind this article is to spread awareness that how to train your mind and sync it with colours and art therapy. This Technique is also known as chromotherapy.

Let’s start with a simple question!

What is your favourite colour?

Now, think of your favourite colour and imagine yourself in its presence. The presence of your favourite colour will help you to elevate your mood; if you are happy, the thought of that colour will make you even more happy. However, if you are feeling low or sad or even melancholic, the imagining of an array may also help you to lighten your mood. But it will definitely shift your focus from being anxious to less being anxious. It may also help to align yourself with your surroundings.


Most important thing is that people who are struggling with the anxiety, is that they lose control over their focus. Now, this uncontrolled focus starts to take good of them, lure them into the abyss where they coincide with a constant and consisting condition of fight, freeze, or flight; danger seemed imminent.

Brain uses eyes to see what in front of it. And eyes uses brain to understand and give meaning to their current situation. Perception built by the brain on the evidence of what eyes see, triggers bodily and physical reactions and the person, rather a person with an anxious mind, ends up in sweating with elevated heart rate and palpitations.

The body, brain, enzymes, hormones and the mighty CNS start to make the body prepare for the worst. The resources start to shift to cope with the upcoming perceived disastrous event. But at this point, the eyes started to watch differently, yet in cohesion with the mind. Nevertheless, the fallacy in the deceitfulness in the scene is enough to lure the brain into thinking that the situation is real. The scene in-front of the eyes, therefore, refuses to validate the brain. Now this is the point when a deadlock reached between what you see and what your brain imagine and the body get caught between the crossfire.

Understanding the deceitful fallacy:

The problem is deeper than it looks like and to create some difference, a creative approach is required. Although there are not enough research available on this topic, but there are certain evidences to follow. And also can help to train a mind to accept and absorb the change. This can also help to manage a stressful condition. This technique is more like a physical training session in which we train our bodies. Whereas in colour therapy, our focus is on the training of our minds to cope with anxiety. The goal is to enhance the ability of a mind to act in a certain way to deal and manage his or her anxiety; to understand the deceitful fallacy of the scene and return to the reality.

What is Colour Therapy?

The creative solution that one can work with is to ensure the co-existence peacefully with the anxiety, without letting it affect the daily chores.

The effort is to maintain a strict routine. It means whatever you do, wherever you are, you need to commit yourself to follow a routine and with the passage of time, from initial 10 minutes to 15, then from 15 to 30 and then from 30 to 60 and then hours to paint some excellent art. Meanwhile, with this exercise, you are training your mind to be somewhere, perhaps your studio, your room, a space in your room, doing something which cannot change. This routine and colours, and paints will work as an anchor in the longer run as it helps you not to lose your focus, not to let go of your reality.

The other benefits of Colour Therapy:

In addition to that, it has a couple of more benefits; the colour therapy. It engages the mind, specifically and scientifically speaking, the right hemisphere will start to become more forthcoming and involved in being’s daily life.

No doubt, it will take some time, it will not work like the chemicals and the medicines do, but it will help train the mind to behave in a less anxious way. Especially, when it confronts some external stressors like a shocking or a bad news, a natural calamity or some undesired events to start that vicious cycle of anxiety attack; the anchor will hold you at that moment of ferment inside.

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Learning to Co-exist

Consequently, the colour takes a good place in your life. By this technique, one can look forward to paint with different mediums in his or her colouring hour or the section of the time in his or her daily life. There are some colouring aids available in the market to cope with the stress and anxiety. The first and foremost aid that comes to mind is the adult colouring books, creating mandalas and playing around with the swatches over the colour mixing palette.

The basic idea behind this learning to co-exist with the anxiety is to manage it in a manner that it may not disrupt the normal life of yours and the lives of people around you.

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