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Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design: A Complete Guide (2022)

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Adobe Illustrator for logo design is the top graphic designing software in the modern world. This is one of the best graphic designing software in the industry for designing vector-based graphics. It is leading the market in the creation of logo designs for brands and businesses. Long before the invention of software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Krita and many more, the human, especially the pre-historic men were also aware of the concept and the importance of insignia, logo, and identity in their daily lives.

The roots of logo and logo designing, and identity creation goes back deep into pre-historic times. The emblems and crests were the only distinctive feature between families living in an ancient setup. The first logo appeared around 1300 AD. It was the era when people realized the significance of a visual identity of something which they couldn’t touch, but the significance was there.

Logo, crests, hieroglyphs, insignia, and monogram are the names related to the same concept. They all are the other names of creating a distinct identity. Human beings, from the beginning, had a strong desire to create a distinct identity. And it was necessary as it is important nowadays for the brands and the businesses. Their identities were considered as the reason for the family honour, prestige, as if in today’s highly commercialized world. This idea followed human beings on their journey towards modernity.

The first modern logo appeared during the era of 1900 long after the commencement of the Industrial Revolution. The idea of logo creation was so fascinating and significant, that it became the most important field of graphic designing. But at that time there was no Adobe Illustrator which could have been used for logo design.

Introduction to Modern Logo Designing Software

There is some pretty decent logo designing software available for graphic designers to choose from. I will try to give a short review only to give you some info and idea. However, I will try to cover this topic in another article. Following are some interesting choices from where you can choose and see what works for you.

Options other than Adobe Illustrator

Despite the availability of a number of software programs for logo designing. It is not only difficult but almost impossible to choose among them.

I recommend the following logo design software programs on the basis of their efficiency, user-friendliness, and a number of options.

1) Canva

adobe illustrator for logo design
Fig 1.0

The important, well-known, my all-time favourite logo designing software is Canva. This is the best online software for beginners and artists who want to create anything on the go. The power of its cloud is matchless and it’s totally free.

Moreover, you don’t need to pay if you want to use its basic services. However, if you are interested in its premium packages, you can always buy and enjoy its complete features. To use Canva, you will have to create an account by filling up a very simple and basic form. This is it, you are good to create anything from logo designing to creating a book cover. From designing a Tee-shirt to your social media posts. You can also find its app on Google Play Store. You can use it easily from your mobile phone.

I personally recommend you to go to Canva, sign up and play around. You will find a number of options and you are going to love it.

adobe illustrator for logo design
Fig 1.1

Another online logo designing software program is Turbo Logo which is also very useful in the creation of logos. Although It’s not as famous as Canva, it is one decent online designing tool. Turbo logo works innovatively by asking you to put some basic information regarding your brand or company name etc. The tool, then, gives you recommendations on the basis of the information you entered. The feature that qualifies the Turbo logo to make the list is its feature that generates ideas for a logo. That definitely gives artists the power to start with some concrete AI-based out of the box designs to start with. Similar to Canva, you need to sign up first if you want to use Turbo Logo.

Importantly, its interface is user-friendly and the best choice for beginners. This software is best if you hit an artist block. You can use the Turbo logo to see and research the ideas for the brief you are working on.

4) Adobe Spark

adobe illustrator for logo design
Fig 1.2

Adobe Spark is one of the innovative and slightly different designing programs available online. You can use it after signing in with your Gmail or other social media accounts like Facebook. What makes Adobe Spark different is its intuitive interface and the library supported by Adobe. It’s from Adobe, which means, it has the power of Adobe Creative Cloud Express. One most important reason for you to use Adobe Spark is that it’s free and backed up by the Adobe Creative Cloud. This designing software has a wonderful mobile app filled with plenty of useful and best ready-to-work templates.

Give it a try.

Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design

adobe illustrator for logo design
Fig 1.3

Evidently, Illustrator is the leading software in the graphic designing industry. Almost everyone, who works in the designing industry, is familiar and has worked with this amazing piece of software. The above-mentioned software is a good example to start with. Remember, if you are at the learning or the beginning stage of your graphic designing carrier, or you want to get something done real quick, you can go and use one of the resources. But, if you are a professional graphic designer, you will not settle for anything other than Adobe Illustrator. The reason behind this is the freedom of choice that the Illustrator gives you, to the logo artists.

“Adobe Illustrator began back in 1986, as a graphic design, font, and logo development application”


More importantly, logo designing is not just something working with the graphic designing tools, it’s bigger and far deeper than that. A logo designer has to work with the ideologies, philosophies, and ideas of the companies. Those ideologies philosophies and ideas are, then, converted into something visual, something tangible; Which defines the entire essence of the business or the brand.

Let’s take some examples to clarify and refresh the concept of logo designing.

Some Examples of Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design

1) Target

adobe illustrator for logo design

This is the simplest yet describing the entire concept of the company ideology and the philosophy behind its creation. Target corporation is a US-based huge retail business, focused to deliver the best retail experience to its customers. If you study the logo, you can easily relate the visual identity with its brand name.

This is the logo. Simple, yet effective and effective enough to leave the marks on the minds of its viewers. The best logo always tells you a story.

2) Sephora

Sephora is another remarkable brand with a simple yet stunning logo design. The company deals in the best and most luxurious cosmetics and is, no doubt, a status symbol. Hollywood’s actresses and the people from all walks of life use it and take pride in it. They love to be a part of the Sephora family.

Study its logo, and you will notice, no extra splash of colours, no geometrical or any other elements, but a meaningful combination of typography.

3) Amazon

Another famous brand with respect to its logo and its service across the globe is Amazon. The typography and the arrow in a backward direction starting from a and ending at z signify the complete ideology behind Amazon. It states the reality that Amazon cover everything; a to z. Additionally, the colour combination, the choice of all small letters made its logo self-explanatory. Now, that expressiveness has established the authority in the global market of eCommerce.

3) Blogs Bunny

Blogs Bunny is a platform where you can go and read or publish articles, artwork, or anything you want. BB has already established its huge pool of readership and promoted the content according to the category you have selected. It presents your articles in front of the people who are actively looking for articles of their choice.

In addition to that, the reason I have included Blogs Bunny logo design in this article is to show how its designer added and arranged the elements. A silhouette of a rabbit embedded in capital B became appealing, signifying the rapid speed and progress. It also justifies the diversity of the topics that this platform has to offer.

Why Adobe Illustrator for creating Logo Designs?

A valid question, indeed!

Nevertheless, you are probably wondering why we need Adobe Illustrator when we have all these options are available? Why Adobe Illustrator is the leading software in the designing industry? And why Adobe Illustrator is considered so important for logo design? The answer is simple, the online programs for logo designing cannot cover every base and the requirements of the logo artists. To answer this question, there are some remarkable functionalities that distinguish the illustrator from the available designing software.

In Fig 1.3 above, you will find the interface of Illustrator. Try to get yourself familiarised with it.

Let’s start with the main interface of the software.

Main interface of Adobe Illustrator

Now that we have established some basic understandings about other online logo designing software and also looked studies some logo examples, we can move further.

I have tried to generate an illustrator interface guide to help the beginner graphic designers as a reference pocket guide. I will also publish another complete info-graphic based guide on Illustrator in near future. So, stay tuned.

An Online Art Supplier

As you see in Fig 1.4, I have pointed out and explained some important tools of Illustrator. Of course, it didn’t cover the bare basics of the giant of software but the idea is to get you into the acquaintance of Adobe Illustrator. These tools provide major help in the creation of logos and other graphic designs. This is the very first reason why graphic designers and artists prefer Adobe Illustrator.

Fig 1.4

There are plenty of tools available in Illustrator which allows graphic artists to work according to their needs. These tools work just perfect, as they are expected to work. It is only because of the algorithm Adobe used to create software programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. They are fail-safe, comprehensive, and user-friendly and this is the reason, they are not free.

How to create a logo in Illustrator?

Sketch an Idea

This is one of the best practices of transforming your thoughts into a logo. Discuss the brief with your client and try to draw your very first draft in the form of a sketch. It has always been a fruitful practice, to begin with. Just create a rough drawing or a tentative sketch with a pencil on a piece of paper or your idea sketchbook. This will give you a starting point, an anchor point to hold to the idea of what you are looking into in your logo design.

Secondly, take a picture of your sketch with the camera of your smartphone or any image taking device, transfer that to your pc, open the image with Adobe Illustrator and that is it, You have your first draft of the logo is ready to work with. Use the pen tool to complete the preliminary sketch and give your idea all necessary shapes to transform it into a sellable logo.

New Project Document

After getting familiar with the interface and developing a primary sketch, all you need to start with your new logo project. It’s actually very simple. When you open Adobe Illustrator, it gives you the options where you can select the size of the new document according to the demands of your logo project.

Start Simple

Illustrator gives you many advanced options to work with but always, especially, when working with any logo design, start with some simple shapes like circles, triangles, and the famous rectangle in the Adobe Illustrator. This will help you to create a basic layout and get you into the idea on which you are working to create a final logo design.

Smart Guides

There is one of the best features that I love working with is the ‘Smart Guides’. You can enable them if you click on the “view” option at the above main menu of the interface as shown in Fig 1.3 and Fig1.4. However, there is a short key to enabling Smart Guides in Adobe Illustrator. If you press and hold Ctrl + U in Windows OS, the smart guide will be enabled automatically.

Smart Guides helps you in aligning your shapes by predicting the possible path of the shape you are creating with any tool like a rectangle, pen tool or polygon tool.

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Apply some Colours

Now when you have finished creating the basic design for your logo, or you have completed the layout structure, you are now at the stage of applying some colours to give your logo a look, a direction, perhaps a shape for your final design. The colours you apply can be the part of your client’s brand identity or not, either way, it is always important that you add some complimenting colours to support your layout design.

Choose Text and Try Typography

Using the supporting text in your logo is an effective technique. Sometimes, it is alright to use the brand name as its logo with distinct typography. Text is one of the major elements of design in logo creation and logo designing. You can see the usage of text in the examples above. I have included examples that have logo, text, and typography to give you a clear picture of how you can use these three important and interrelated concepts together without overdoing each of them.

In Adobe Illustrator, you can find a number of fonts pre-installed in it which are pretty common and well-known. But, however, if you want to try something other than these conventional fonts, you can go and download the new fonts from different online websites resources that offer free and paid font faces. For example, one of the famous resources is Font Squirrel and FontSpace

Export your Artwork

After finishing the artwork and your logo design, go to the File menu, and export it as a PNG file to get the transparent effect. Remember, do not check the artboard option when exporting. It is very important that you do not have any other element in the same open window where you are working with your logo design. If you have any other elements shape left, it will also be exported with your logo as a part of your final logo copy.


Consequently, it is not that hard to learn graphic designing using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop but the course of learning can be tough. Being a logo designer means that you will have to move up with the advancement of the technology, it means that you are always learning and practising new techniques, new software programs and testing new designs to showcase your work on different platforms.

You can go and read one of my articles on “Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples: How and Why You Need One In 2022?” It will help you in creating and setting up your own graphic design portfolio website and showcase your work there.

It is important that you learn and practice as much as you can if you want to be at the top of this gig because there is a lot of competition out there which is increasing by the day. You need to step up your game and level your skills up while using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

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