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How to Write An art Blog?

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The first question that comes to mind when the term blog is used in front of us, that how to write a blog?

The Blog is a regular user-updated website or web page. Usually operated by one or more users. It allows you to share your content or experience with others around the world. When it comes to blogs, you have unlimited freedom to say it all.

Why people create blog?

People usually create blogs because it provides the opportunity to express their opinions about a particular issue. But they remain clueless of how to write it or how to maintain a blog. Here, in this article, this question will be answers along with some more important information regarding blog writing.

People who write or maintain a blog have the power to describe their daily life experiences or to share their stories with others through a blog. They can also share their research, their area of interests and cal also find like-minded people on the topic of their interest with ease.

How to create a blog?

First, it is mandatory for the user or a potential blogger to have passion of what he or she does. Because only and only passion have an ability to which will keep the blogger and potential bloggers to carry on consistently. Secondly, the topic should be cleared on what type of blog you want to write and also why do you want to write for that particular topic. So, before taking a step further, for a successful blogging, you need to ask their two very important questions from yourself.

  • What I am passionate about?
  • What and why I want to write or maintain a Blog?

Registering a Domain or create an account on ‘Blogger’:

1) Domain and Hosting

The very first step in to register a domain with a name that satisfy your needs. This is an option which require purchase of domain name and then after that you will also be needing to purchase a hosting plan from a web-hosting service provider. In Pakistan, One can buy/register its Domain and also purchase hosting from They give an excellent pre- and post-sales services. If you want some international hosting service provider, then you can choose from hostinger, hostgator, and the list goes on.

Or there is another option if you don’t want to purchase a whole domain and hosting, just yet. There is another way which is as easy as creating an email address. All you have to do is to get yourself registered with blogger, and you are done. Remember, if you chose to go with the blogger option, then you need not top worry about the following steps.

2) Selecting a WordPress Theme:

Once your domain is registered, and you have a web-hosting, the second step is to select a theme from WordPress menu and that is it! You have successfully taken a first step in the world of Blogging.

3) Customize Your Site:

You can, then, customize your website according your taste and content. But remember, simple and easy websites are more user-friendly than websites with some complex theme. Always try to customize your blog with simplicity because you want people to read your content.

4) Start writing:

The meat and bones of your block is actually in your hand; the content that you want to write about. To write a good and responsible content, it is important that you are a good reader. And you chose to write what authentic and well researched.

What should be inside the blog?

Main Strategy:

The main strategy of the blog is to tell people what it is all about. The next thing is to describe a topic in a way that you are communicating in person.

When writing a blog, you should also make sure to keep it:

  • Simple
  • Concise

Tips To Remember:

Readers don’t want to waste their time, and that is the reason enough to choose:

  • The right fonts for your text.
  • Break up some portions of your blog into sub-heading. Subheadings help people skim through the content they are looking for.
  • Do not try to fancy the content in a way that the readers might not understand.
  • Use pictures wisely. Because you don’t want to get into the middle of some copy right issues.
  • Links are yet another important element of successful blogging. Try to use inbound as well as outbound links, but not the links which are in conflict or in competition with your keywords.
  • Do not over do.

Remain consistent and patient:

Consistency plays an important role to keep the visitor wanting more. You update your content in a way that people are engaged with your blog. Consistency and hard work are the key helpers in this field. So start your own experience today and influence millions around the world.

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